Extreme Wedding Cake Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of seeing the traditional three tier wedding cake with simple white frosting and the little bride and groom wedding cake topper. We all know the iconic wedding cake look and feel. If you are after a very formal or classic wedding then this is the exact cake you want. However, today many couples are opting for alternative wedding themes and a more relaxed feeling overall. With popular wedding themes like fairy tales, Dragonflies and other fun and light or even whimsical themes a traditional wedding cake no longer fits correctly in its place. It is nor time to take that old wedding cake out of the closet it and give it a whole new look. America seems to be in love with the idea of a makeover from the hit TV shows like Extreme Body Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover and the ever popular Pimp My Ride America seems to be in a love with makeovers. Well, wedding cakes are no different and today’s couples are going for more unusual, light and fun ideas for wedding cakes. So why not try some of these custom wedding cake ideas.

Creative and Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

There are a ton of different wedding cake toppers on the market today and you are no longer stuck with what your local bakery has. You can now easily shop online and find retailers selling a wide variety of wedding cake toppers. You can have anything from the traditional bride and groom to the whacky and wild. If you are willing to pay a little extra you can get a custom wedding cake topper sculpted out of special non toxic clay like material and created in the likeness of you and your husband. If you are really into a sport or want to show something unique about the two of you as a couple then a custom wedding cake topper is the way to go. The artists can easily make a couple doing just about anything. So if you are avid rock climbers then you can have a bride and groom fashioned in your likeness that are on the top of Yosemite Half Dome, or whatever sport or activity you like.

If you don’t want to be that adventurous then you might want to go for a custom initials wedding cake topper. These are beautiful wedding cake toppers created from your initials and then decorated with small crystals. Whatever you choose there is a wedding cake topper either already made or that can be custom made to fit your wedding theme.

Themed Wedding Cakes

If you just go to your local bakery or even a small wedding cake shop you are likely to just find the standard wedding cake offerings or the traditional cake. However, if you really want to do a wedding cake makeover ask if they can do themed wedding cakes. There are a wide variety of options for a custom wedding cake and some of the ways that you can customize are listed below.


If you are not sure about all of this and want to stick somewhat to tradtion then why not go for the traditional cake but add some flare to it through the decorations and frosting. Most wedding cake bakers can add a wide variety of different ornaments and decorations to the wedding cake to really make it stand out. Sure you can go with the traditional shaped cakes like the three tiered circle or even a tiered square cake but that does not mean you can’t go a little crazy and get some interesting decorations put on it with unique frosting ideas. Try to pick up on the theme of the wedding as much as possible.

Sculpted Cakes

Now this is where a custom wedding cake baker really can show off their talents and the types of projects they often love to do. A baker who can do a sculpted cake might take a little work to find however once you find one you are only limited by your ideas. Do you want a big castle wedding cake? They can easily do this to make a fairy tale wedding cake. If you want a beach themed wedding cake why not get a picnic basket or a beautiful sand castle wedding cake. If you are contemplating getting a sculpted cake you can really have any three dimensional design that you can think of. Why not try a hamburger and fries for a fun and light hearted beach wedding cake. The sky is the limited once you get a sculpted cake.

Mini Cakes and Cup Cakes

Again if you don’t quite feel ready to make the commitment to such a grand cake like above and want to keep a little bit on the traditional side yet with a flair of fun why not try a mini wedding cake or even cupcakes. These are fun because they are small individual serving sized cakes that your guests will love. If you are planning on having a small wedding it can be a lot of fun to create personalized mini wedding cakes for the guests.

Whatever you choose always keep in mind that there are options out there to customize, tweak, alter and change just about every factor of your wedding cake. Let you mind wander and have fun a bit and go for something a little different. Always make sure to plan ahead and leave enough time for the baker to do the extra job well. Otherwise you are all set to go with a fun and unique wedding cake that is a definite extreme makeover from the traditional three or five tiered wedding cake.

It’s Called a Cubicle For a Reason

It’s a Cubicle, not a Living Room: What to Bring to your Workspace (and what to leave at home).

If you’re reading this article at work right now, stop – at least, momentarily. Take a minute to stretch your legs, stroll around the office, and, oh-so-discreetly, check out what your coworkers have displayed in their respective work areas.

Notice anything interesting? As you glance from cubicle to cubicle, chances are that if you work in a typical office, you’ve just seen more than your fair share of knickknacks, trinkets and other signs of whimsy in the workplace. And if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily like what you see.

What’s the big deal, you ask? So what if we want to display our bobbleheads, needlepoint and irreverent posters on the job? After all, decorating a cubicle is a way to express our individuality and have a little fun – so what’s the harm?

Listen, I’m on your side, and the last thing I’d want for you (or me, for that matter) is less fun on the job. Still, even if you’re committed to hold on to the Jesus action figure resting gently beside your computer monitor until your last dying breath, hear me out, and consider the following Do’s and Don’ts to decorating your workspace professionally:

* DO have a tastefully displayed photo or two of a significant other or your kids as a subtle reminder to your coworkers that you’re a person who does have a life outside the office. Photos of friends, fun vacation spots, or even pets are fine, too, within reason – but keep out the wacky party pics (like you winning the beer-drinking contest with your buddies last summer), and avoid plastering your cubicle with pictures of little Junior, especially if you’re a woman. Fair or not, overdoing the kid photos may put more emphasis on the ‘Mom’ in you to your coworkers than you’d like, rather than convey a more professional image.

* DON’T assume that anyone thinks your ‘funny’ poster is funny but you. Even if you work in an enclosed office or other private space – and most of us don’t – remember that everything you display in your workspace is for public viewing. Many an employee has been undone by hanging a poster or sign that seems ‘innocent,’ only to be told by HR that their signage constitutes sexual harassment or is contributing to a hostile work environment. Fact: What seems funny to you may not be to someone you work with – and it’s not worth the time, effort, or risk to your career to deal with that headache.

DO let your workspace do the talking for you – within reason. Graduated from Harvard? Good for you – just leave the diploma off the wall, unless you want your coworkers secretly thinking you’re an egotistical blowhard – or at least someone who seems to need everyone else to know that he’s smart. On the other hand, if you’ve obtained a professional license or certification that’s required in order to practice (think doctor) then by all means, display away. In fact, the rest of us would be nervous if we didn’t see that license on your wall, so don’t be shy about hanging it up.

* DON’T lose sight of the big picture. It’s called a cubicle, not a living room, and you’ve been hired to do a job, not play with the bobbleheads you brought in to decorate your workspace. This doesn’t meant that you can’t have the personal item or two, particularly if it’s going to impact your productivity or health (think small plant, Steven Covey book), but leave anything questionable out. If Britney Spears would wear it on a t-shirt, or if you’d consider buying it as a gift for your first-grade nephew, best leave it at home.

The bottom line? When it comes to decorating your workspace, tread carefully. Imagine that someone who doesn’t know you decides to pay you and your cubicle a visit – like the CEO. Unlikely, maybe, but what does your workspace really say about you? Does it say that you’re professional and ready to work – or something else? Don’t let your workspace do the talking for you, especially if it says, “I wish I lived at Toys ‘R Us!”

Sure, you might work for an organization where anything goes, and you’d be considered the odd man out if you didn’t have a disco ball hanging over your desk. On the other hand, you might work for an organization that tries hard to create a professional image inside the workplace, and may not look too kindly upon your impressive bumper sticker collection.

Ultimately, your workspace is another reflection of you on the job. How you choose to decorate it is another way to reinforce your professional reputation and brand- or detract from it. After working so hard to create a career you’ll be proud of, why let a few dumb toys get in the way?