The Perfect Gift For Everyone – You Can’t Go Wrong!

Pictures. One of the best presents I can receive is pictures of my grandchildren and I’ll bet this is true for other grandparents, too.

Most people, especially grandparents, have a multitude of family pictures displayed in their homes. They grace side tables, dressers, pianos and desks. Refrigerators are great places to put the latest picture of the young ballplayer or little ballerina. Many of us have “picture walls’ that contain wedding photos, new baby pictures and special anniversary photos.

My grandchildren check out the refrigerator when they come to see what pictures are posted. There are many cute little frames to accommodate them and the frames that hold several pics is very convenient. I like to use ‘subject appropriate’ frames like a frame decorated with flowers for the little ballerina or a sports themed frame for the young ballplayer.

Frames should also be considered as a part of your decor whether traditional, modern, country or your own personal style. They come in so many materials; various woods ceramic, pottery, leather and metals with or without glass. And if you want to get really funky faux fur!

The creativity of framing today knows no bounds; there are frames within frames, within sculptures and within clocks. The picture cubes or the picture trees that hold several pics is very convenient for your desk.

If you want to make your framed gift even more special for the receiver, select a frame that reflects his or her interest. Maybe their interest is sports, music, model cars or gardening, to name a few, you can find a frame that’s appropriate for that person. For Grandmothers and Mothers, one of the newer ideas on the market is the handbag that can display several of her favorite photos on the outside. I like it!

But, that is as far as I will go. I love ’em all, but no ‘tats’ for Grandma!’

Oriental Rugs – Choosing The Persian Rug That’s Right for You

An oriental rug can create a dynamic visual that any drab living space is lacking. The intricate designs and pleasant colors add visual appeal to the room and help to coordinate the space with its belongings. With so many designs to choose from, selecting the oriental rug that’s right for you can be quite the chore. Deciding factors for choosing an oriental rug include quality, price, flooring, furniture, predetermined room decor and space, just to name a few! This is an important decision for any home decorator and should be made with careful pre-planning.

Let’s start with flooring. In my opinion, the best type of home for a new persian rug is hardwood flooring. A well varnished, hardwood floor is a beautiful addition to any living space by itself, but with an oriental rug for contrast, the floor lights up with a new life all its own. The natural, earthy tones of a hardwood floor highlight most any oriental rug and provide a nice “frame” for the rug, as well. In return, the oriental rug draws attention to the hardwood flooring and protects it from getting scratched and scarred. A general rule to follow when selecting a persian rug is to take into consideration the color of your flooring. If the wood grain is a lighter tone, then a darker oriental rug is a better companion than a lighter one. Likewise, the opposite holds true. A darker wood grain is better suited for a light colored rug. Other types of flooring to consider for an oriental rug are marble, tile and in some instances, even carpet is acceptable. Color matching is imperative with any of these flooring styles.

Your room decor and furniture can play a big part in selecting an oriental rug. Curtain and upholstery colors are crucial to finding a persian rug that suits your room. The hardest part in making a decision here is to determine the color scheme of your space. By comparing all of the major colors you see in the room (curtain colors, upholstery, painted furniture and even the paint on your walls), you should choose the dominant color as a basis for choosing an oriental rug. This gives you a starting point once you begin shopping for the rug. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go with the same color for your rug, but you will at least know what to match it with. Sometimes matching to the secondary dominant color can be a wise choice for an oriental rug. As mentioned before, keep in mind the color and tones of your flooring, as well.

Price, sizing and quality are huge factors in choosing your rug. Persian rugs are not always cheap, especially when you factor in the size of the room and the durability of the rug. When choosing the appropriate size for your oriental rug, obviously the size of the room you are decorating is important, but is not the only deciding factor. Maybe you want one large area rug that will cover the majority of the floor, or maybe even several small round or oval rugs to place beneath end tables or coffee tables. The possibilities are endless! All the same, pricing and quality are based on your needs and what you are willing to spend. Poorly made oriental rugs require more delicate cleaning and are often replaced sooner than you would think. The oriental rug you buy should be enjoyed, not an ongoing project full of problems. Also keep in mind that a larger persian rug might not be necessary at all. More often than not, selecting a smaller rug of the same design can be a better call because in home decorating, less really is more. At the same time, downsizing to a smaller oriental rug can cause the price to go down, but the quality to remain the same.

When buying your oriental rug, don’t rely on a mental picture of the room you are decorating. This is a sure-fire way to end up back home with an out of place persian rug that you are unhappy with. Take a picture of the room with you. It doesn’t have to be a quality photo. A quick polaroid or even a cellphone pic will do nicely. Even better, order one online while you sit in the room and match rugs for it! Either way, don’t rely solely on memory. This is a mistake you can’t afford to make, especially if the store has a no refund policy.

There is a lot involved when choosing an oriental rug, but if you consider all of these possibilities before you buy, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. The main thing to remember is to buy an oriental rug that is perfect for you. You will spend the most time with it, and you will be the one to either proudly display it or sadly turn visitors away in shame. Let an oriental rug be the star of your living space today!