5 Tips For Displaying Your Wedding Photographs

The wedding’s over, you have a bunch of wonderful memories and a folder of gorgeous prints from your wedding photographers. You don’t want those prints to languish in a box unseen, so straight after your honeymoon is the time to think about how to display your wedding photos. Seize the moment while the day is still fresh in your memory (not that it will ever fade, of course!). You probably want something more than just the traditional 8×10 print in a silver frame, so lets look at a few more options, both traditional and modern.

1. Create a wedding photo wall display
Pick out a selection of your favourite pics and have them all framed in a striking but simple style to match your decor. The frames can all be different sizes, as long as the colour and style ties them in together. Mix your formal couple portrait with some fun, candid shots of guests and perhaps the odd detail shot. Hang all the framed pictures on your display wall about 2 inches apart with the central photo at eye level. You can even frame up mementos of the day in a box frame, creating a still life with things like your invitation, ribbon and elements from the wedding decor and include that frame in the overall display.

2. Have a large canvas print made
If you’ve got one stunning photo that sums up the ambience and feel of your wedding and you have plenty of space in your home, how about getting a large canvas print made. These work particularly well when they are full length shots set in a beautiful landscape, or really striking artistic portraits, so talk about this possibility with your wedding photographer beforehand, so that he or she can create a portrait with exactly the right feel for what you have in mind.

3. A digital photo frame
If you don’t have a lot of wall space, but want to keep your best wedding photos on display, a digital photo frame allows you to have a never-ending slide-show of your favourite pics. Again talk to your wedding photographer about this option, so that they can provide you with the photos in the right format.

4. Have a photo book printed
You may already have ordered a wedding photo book from your photographer, in which case it is probably already on its way to you. If not you can always produce one now. Photo books are a great way of combining the professional photos provided by your photographer with the best of the happy snaps taken by your friends and family. You can spend many a happy hour looking through all the pics and laying them out, or else get a professional to create the book for you. Whichever you do it is a great thing to have on your coffee table for friends to look through after the wedding.

5. A traditional photo album
There is still a place for the traditional wedding photo album, where the best prints are carefully preserved between acid-free tissue paper interleaves. Or if you want a more modern twist you can scrapbook your wedding photos into a beautiful book that combines journal with album, so that you can also include other mementoes of the wedding, such as pressed flower petals from the bouquet, ribbon, invitation or wedding programme, handwritten well-wishing notes from friends and so on.