Don’t Forget To Take Weight Loss Before and After Pics Like Me!

I’ve always really enjoyed looking at women’s weight loss before and after pictures.

They’re so incredibly inspiring to me!

It was through my involvement with a Weight Loss Challenge that I was privy to not only viewing some of the most incredible weight loss before and after pictures of average everyday people just like you and I, but I was also given a peek into their lives and how they achieved their weight loss goal as well.

A few of them even spoke in detail about the things that motivated them to initially begin the challenge and the hurdles a few of these courageous people faced along the way.

Needless to say some of their before and after pictures (and results) were jaw dropping.

I was so inspired by them that I immediately went home and scrounged about to dig out a few photos of myself that had been taken at a friend’s cottage.

In hand sight, I wish now I had taken a proper set of “before” pictures – but you certainly can.

If you are contemplating the beginning of your new diet plan, be sure to have a friend snap some pictures for you beforehand!

They can become your “before” weight loss pictures.

Believe me, they can serve as powerful diet motivation and inspire you to keep moving forward as you get closer to your weight loss goal.

To ensure that you’re getting the best possible photo, wear a bathing suit or shorts and a tank top.
Remember you WANT to show as much of your body shape as possible, so avoid baggy clothes as well.
Make a point to create sharp contrast in your picture. Wear a black or dark outfit against a light colored background wall.
Stand in front of a plain wall, surface or background and be sure your room has sufficient lighting.
You want as much detail to show as possible so you may also have to temporarily move any furniture, decorations or pictures that may interfere with getting a clear photograph of yourself.

Have a full frontal photograph of yourself taken, from head to toe, as well as a side and back photograph taken. That would be 3 “before” photographs in all.

Now be sure to keep your “before” pictures somewhere safe but where you can easily access them and use them to gauge your progress.

Repeat your mini photo session every 5 to 6 weeks and compare your photographs each time with prior photos to see how you’re progressing, however be patient.

You want to lose weight safely, so the entire process may take several months depending upon how much body fat you are aiming to lose.